It is the program we have prepared for our adrenaline-hungry sailors who have completed the Basic Sailing Training and want to compete in the racing teams created by AGSC all year round. After this program, you can find a place for yourself in many racing teams.

We form our racing teams for two different reasons;

First; Our aim is to create an ambitious team by teaching all the details of advanced racing sailing to our students who have completed basic and racing sailing trainings but want more adrenaline, and to make you love sailing by making you an experienced racer.

Secondly; To provide professional racing service to experienced sailors who, despite knowing sailing very well, take a break from this sport or are not satisfied due to the negativities experienced by other teams. In this context, we establish our racing teams from the pools we have created by bringing together our experienced team members and new members who join our organization every year.

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Duration      : Race Year Calendar
Experience :
Basic Sailing Training
The Boats    :
Beneteau First 40 / M.A.T. 1010
Conditions of Participation
  • The total number of race days in the trophies we follow is over 30.
  • In order to be able to follow all these trophies, we keep our team staff wide and we create a redundant crew list for each position on the boat. In this way, we provide you with the opportunity to practice this unique sport on one of the most ambitious professional boats without affecting your work and private life.
  • While the team is being formed, rosters are made according to your availability, the tasks you can do on the boat and your experience. Regardless of your experience throughout the season, we offer you the opportunity to participate in at least 15 races in IRC I and IRC II classes.
  • To be included in the racing team, it is obligatory to have completed the Basic Sailing Training before. It is sufficient that you have received this training at other schools or on your own boat. You do not need to have any racing experience, because these shortcomings will be covered with the training to be done before the start of the racing season.
  • Information about the personal equipment required for the races will be given to you at the first meeting.

Racing Boats

Beneteau First 40


Full Length     : 12,24 m

Width              : 3,89 m

Crew               : 10 – 11

IRC Class       : 1

IRC Rating     : 1,087

M.A.T. 1010


Full Length    : 10,15 m

Width             : 3,32 m

Crew              : 8 – 9

IRC Class      : 2

IRC Rating    : 1,027