AG Racing appeals to adrenaline, excitement and competition enthusiasts, for those who like to push their limits by making high efforts, and for the world of “racing sailing”, which is slightly outside the “cruise sailing” part of sailing.
We have 2 purposes…
First; Regardless of age, we offer our adrenaline-hungry students, who have completed their basic training, the opportunity to take their first steps towards becoming experienced racers by providing them with advanced sailing knowledge, and to spend incredibly enjoyable and exciting hours in a wonderful team.
Latter; We offer experienced sailors, who have previously had racing experience but have taken a break from this sport for some reason, the opportunity to refresh their knowledge and show themselves in races.
For this reason, our racing teams; We are growing day by day with our experienced team members who have been with us for years and with our new team members.
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Duration      : Race Year Calendar
Experience :
Basic Sailing Training
The Boats    :
Beneteau First 40 / M.A.T. 1010
Conditions of Participation
  • In the race calendar created with races to be organized by different clubs or organizations in Istanbul, participation will be provided in the races selected by AGSC in IRC1 and IRC2 division.
  • In order to participate in all or part of the selected races, you can choose any of the 5, 10 and 15 race packages that suit you.
  • While some races consist of 2 or 3-day stages with different routes each day, some races may last more than 1 day due to their routes. Therefore, the number of races/days you will enter may be more than the number of races you choose.
  • In order to be included in the racing team, it is mandatory to have previously completed Basic Sailing Training. It is sufficient to have received this training from other schools or on your own boat. You do not need to have racing experience, because these deficiencies will be compensated with pre-season and in-season training.
  • In order for our boats to enter all the races specified in the calendar, we keep our team large and create a redundant staff for every task on the boat. In this way, we enable you to enjoy this sport and enter races without affecting your work or private life.
  • The squad for the race to be entered is; It is selected and created primarily based on your availability, the tasks you can perform on the boat and your experience. Even if you are not in the squad for that race, you will be able to enter at least as many races as the number in the package you choose, in the races to be held throughout the season.
  • Information about the personal equipment required for the races will be provided to you during the training.

Racing Boats

Beneteau First 40


Full Length     : 12,24 m

Width              : 3,89 m

Crew               : 10 – 11

IRC Class       : 1

IRC Rating     : 1,087

M.A.T. 1010


Full Length    : 10,15 m

Width             : 3,32 m

Crew              : 8 – 9

IRC Class      : 2

IRC Rating    : 1,027