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Setur Kalamış & Fenerbahçe Marina
Dock – F10
40°58’37.0″N – 29°02’08.9″E

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What You Wonder Else?

    What is the learning age of sailing?
    We prefer to be at least 16 years old as we provide sailing training on yacht class boats. There is no upper limit for age, anyone who feels young can sail.

    How many people are in the training groups?
    Groups of maximum 4 people are formed in order to have an efficient sailing training.

    Which sailing training package should I buy?
    The appropriate sailing training package will be presented to those who have a certain experience, including those who have never been on a boat in their life, by making necessary guidance by our instructors according to their knowledge level.

    Is it necessary to come to the trainings as a group?
    No, one person can also register. Groups of 4 are formed among the trainees who will receive the same sailing training.

    On which class boats are the trainings given?
    Since our school provides yacht class sailing training, our boats are sailing yachts of 10 meters and above.

    Do your trainings have a specific date range during the year?
    We provide sailing training every day of the year as long as the weather and sea conditions allow.

    How are the training hours planned and what happens if I miss the lesson?
    Our sailing trainings are completely personal. We do not have specific days and hours, it can be planned according to your working hours. Our lessons start at the appointed time, you can change the date of your lesson 48 hours in advance, but in case of EMERGENCY reasons, you can make up for your lesson with other groups that receive the same sailing training package.

    What if it makes me seasick?
    To prevent seasickness, you can get medical help (we have anti-sickness drugs on our boats) beforehand. You can also minimize seasickness by looking somewhere other than the boat (usually looking at the horizon line) while cruising.

    Are any documents given at the end of the training?
    After each sailing training, the AGSC Certificate of that training is given. The given certificate shows which sailing training you have received and is not valid for renting a boat or using your own boat.

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