Corporate Sailing Trainings

Business life and sailing are similar concepts. In sailing, you have to struggle against different natural conditions and your opponents, similar to the difficulties encountered in corporate life. Success; As in business life, it is possible with all the concepts such as motivation, strict teamwork, communication, mastery of one’s own task, the ability to solve the problems that may arise in a timely manner, crisis management and a good leadership. A unique sport done alone with nature, accompanied by wind and wave sounds. With our professional staff, we invite those who struggle with the stress of the city and want to increase their motivation by adding color to their lives.

Boat>Company, Captain>Leader, Crew>Team, Natural Conditions>Economic Conditions, Race rules>Competition rules and with the acceptance of Competitors, the team is expected to make strategic decisions with limited time and limited resources and implement them together. The use of the boat and environmental conditions as an economic metaphor not only allows the participants to stay in this metaphor, but also offers the opportunity to easily apply the knowledge they have gained and the tasks they have undertaken.

We come together with groups who want to take sailing training within your company on a date that suits you. After the general information presentation we will make after the meeting, we will move on to the practical sailing training that will be held on the boat on the date to be determined. The plan of the day will be as follows;

  • General introduction of the program and safety briefing,
  • Orientation and sailing on the boat,
  • Sailing training with teamwork (Part 1),
  • Meal and midterm evaluation session,
  • Sailing training with teamwork (Part 2),
  • Return to land and assessment of the day.
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