30 Hours (All Practical Lessons)
Number of Participants
1 – 5
Not required
M.A.T. 1010 / Beneteau First 40

This package is just for you so you can be the captain of your own boat!⛵⚓
Basic Sailing Training – 12 Hours (4 Days x 3 Hours)
Even if you have no previous experience, in this program you will gain basic knowledge about a yacht class sailing boat, its equipment and the use of sails. At the end of the sailing training, you will be able to take a boat from one point to another using sails under suitable weather conditions, and you will have taken the first step to become the captain of your own boat.
Advanced Sailing Training – 12 Hours (4 Days x 3 Hours)
The purpose of this training you will receive after the Basic Yachting Sailing Training; While reinforcing the knowledge you have previously learned about sailing, it prepares you for safe sailing on your own boat by covering other important maritime topics you will need (docking, anchoring, navigation, MOB, night navigation, etc.).
Practical Sailing Training – 6 Hours (1 Day)
You will have the opportunity to experience all the subjects you learned in the Basic and Advanced Yachting trainings in a single 6-hour training on the Burgaz Island stop route. You will also receive your training certificates after this cruise.
The boats to be sailed are yacht class sailing boats over 10m and all lessons are given based on practice on the boat.

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